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Dil Bhusan Pathak,is among the first journalist to report on the escalating Maoist conflict based in Nepalgunj (Midwest Nepal) in the late 1990s giving him the first break in his career in journalism. He was/is a popular news-anchor/journalist of Nepal. His intelligence and diligence in his more than a decade long career in journalism has established him as the best youth journalist of Nepal and for the same been awarded the 'Best Journalist of the Year', 2005. His immense and invaluable contribution to the development of democracy and peace in the nation has been widely recognized.
Dil Bhusan, a journalist with versatile background, vision and insight has made a landmark and moved up the career ladder in both print and broadcast journalism. Pathak is the founder of Interface, Nepal. He was also a founder member of the News Department of Kantipur Television Network. A popular journalist with more than 13 years experience he worked in Kantipur Television Network as a News Coordinator and was the key person to develop the concept and design of the News Program in the Television.
A seasoned traveler, he has wide experience and exposure to various situations in the country. Acquisition of this knowledge, gained over the years, has inspired him to delve into making of documentaries with the intention to highlight various issues of concern and to bring a social change through media. He has made a milestone in his career by bringing up a variety of case stories of the nation based on the concept of Conflict Transformation and Peace Building and campaigning for it. These stories has been carefully researched and documented in series in the audio-visual format and disseminated nationwide, contributing to the peace process of the nation. Today he has already directed more than two dozen documentary films.
Dil Bhusan specialises in planning, designing and implementation of media strategies, campaigns, trainings and others. He has a track record of producing popular, effective, social change media. The recent media campaign branded ‘Messengers for Change’ using animation work for disseminating messages on key political processes and governance has been widely acclaimed for its creativity and impact having largest audience for any TV programming on rights with more than 40% TV viewers watching it.
The documentaries like People’s Constitution , The Challenge of Diversity:The Federal Experience and The Constituent Assembly Election: Beginning of a New Era has been milestone production, designed and directed by Dil Bhusan, for its historical/archival value, for its quality/content and above all for its overwhelming use as a tool for dialogue in the process of making the constitution. He has proven record of producing documentaries which has won international awards (Peace Song) and other media products on transitional issues, rights, governance and others. Media for Rights has been his ongoing campaign in support of the peace process and building of a New Nepal.
Multi-dimensional in personality his recent adventure in theatre works has also been widely acclaimed and added to his achievements. He has played one of the lead roles in the play les justes by Albert Camus and Ghanchakkar by Sanjeev Uprety under the direction of Sunil Pokharel (the guru of theatre works in Nepal) and with Gurukul School of Theatre. .